2GIG-GCKIT311 Security Kit 2GIG138
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Brand: 2GIG
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2GIG138 - 2GIG138 Go!Control Security System Featuring Z-Wave
Item: 2GIG138 | Model: 2GIG-GCKIT311

Brand: 2GIG    Last Ordered:

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2GIG138 Go!Control Security System Featuring Z-Wave

2GIG is an advanced home control and security system that is revolutionizing the industry. With 2GIG, you are able to bring home security and home automation to a whole other level with its wireless capabilities. Z-Wave and 345MHz wireless radio frequencies allow you to connect several devices in your home to a secure personal network. 2GIG is the next generation of home alarm systems.

Snap-In GSM Radio (Sold Separately)

Upon requests, our new models of 2GIG control panels no longer come with a GSM Radio pre-installed. When you purchase the 2GIG143 Control Panel, 2GIG138 kit, or the 2GIG139 kit, you will be able to choose which GSM module will work best for you. We offer AT&T and Verizon modules. The GSM radio allows you to get away from the traditional telephone system (POTS), which are vulnerable and disappearing due to the rise of GSM networks. The GSM module will allow you to communicate directly with emergency response teams over two-way voice over cellular. This verification allows for a higher priority emergency response.

Super-Strong to Latch On!

Most of the 2GIG accessories use the 345MHz signal to communicate with the control panel. 345MHz is a strong and secure radio frequency that won’t interfere with other radio signals around the house. 2GIG offers smoke detectors, doorbells, and even a key fob.

Ride the Wave!

Z-Wave allows for a controlled personal network in your home. It lets you to connect many of your devices together so they can work in harmony with each other. Customers can now control lighting, HVAC, and other Z-Wave appliances in the home right from the panel or any web-enabled device. No need for extra hardware, it’s all contained within the Go!Control panel.  And, this is just the beginning!  Several applications are currently being developed for 2GIG's Go!Control system. Here at Skywalker, We offer Z-Wave enabled adapters and specialized outlets to convert non Z-Wave products into the home automation system. 2GIG’s Z-Wave capabilities control what they call “rules” and “scenes”.


With 2GIG, you are able to assign custom “scenes”, which are home automation settings, for a certain time. Perhaps when you left for work you wanted your home to adjust accordingly. By selecting your customized “Work Scene”, your 2GIG control panel could lower the temperature, make sure the doors are locked, the lights are off, and the alarm is set. You may forget to do everything before you leave for work, but 2GIG won’t.


2GIG’s security system affords you an option to assign a set of “rules”. Rules can be customized and set to just about any way you desire. This is a powerful feature that essentially initiates a “trigger” of your choice. For example, in the case of a fire, your smoke detector can alert your control panel which will then relay a message to the HVAC system. The HVAC system then turns off to prevent smoke from ventilating. Rules are fast and easy to set and they can even be life saving.

Full Voice Response

The 2GIG control panel is able to speak to you. This gives you the benefit of knowing exactly what is going on with your home’s security. It can tell you your system status, zone descriptions, and alert you of emergencies.

Color Touch Screen Interface

2GIG is changing the game with its new color touch screen panel. Manufactured by Sharp®, this panel is easy to navigate through and it gives you a ton more features than traditional control keypads.

Self Contained

The 2GIG security panel is self contained within the control panel, unlike others that require a separate unit hidden somewhere else in the house. This allows for a quicker and much easier install. Thanks to Alarm.com, the 2GIG panel includes a smash or crash feature. If there is any damage to the control panel, the Alarm.com servers will receive a message and send it to an emergency response team in your area.

Additional Features

Just a few more features off a long list. With 2GIG, unlike older systems which are doomed to be old forever, the software can wirelessly update through the GSM module to keep the system up to date. In addition, the system’s panel is equipped with a 24 hour backup battery. If the power went out, you wouldn’t be without protection. And so much more!

Inside the Box

Included in the 2GIG138 Go!Control Kit is (1) main control panel, (3) door/window contacts, (1) PIR motion detector, and (1) four-button key fob.

Alarm.com (Mandatory Service)

Alarm.com is an affiliate with 2GIG Technologies. They are 2GIG’s security service provider, which is not directly available to the general public. End users will not be able to purchase Alarm.com’s security service without going through a third party distributor or dealer. This protects you as the installer and gives you an opportunity to receive reoccurring monthly revenue (RMR). Your client will really enjoy the features Alarm.com has to offer. They have a state of the art mobile application providing your customers with access when and where they need it. Customers can arm or disarm their systems, monitor live and recorded video, and customize their home automation system through this app.

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Arlam Sounder 85db at 10ft
Touch Screen Dimensions 3.75" x 2.25"
SKU 2GIG-CP21-345E
Panel Input 14VDC @ 1.7A Max
AC Adapter In 100-240 VAC~50/60Hz @ 68mA Max
Rechargeable 2000 mA @ 7.2V Ni-MH battery pack (included)
Featured Specs
• 48 wireless zones • 2 wired zones
• Up to 8 Wireless Key Ring Remotes • Up to 4 Wireless Keypads
• Built-in Z-Wave radio • Full voice response
• Remote over-the-air downloading* • 32 user codes
• Chime by zone with multiple chime settings • Central station format - Contact ID

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