ATL1018T - Atlas PD-5VT Compression Driver w/ Transformer


Compression Driver 40 W, w/ transformer
Model PD-5VT is a 40-watt driver with 2" voice coil. The unit is equipped with a ceramic magnet and includes a built-in, varnish-impregnated, tropic-sealed, multi-tap 70.7 volt line-matching transformer, (also adaptable to 25 volt audio system operation) which offers a selection of terminals for matching to the appropriate impedance and power taps.

The PD-5VT has a plane wave frequency response of 190 - 4,200 Hz (+5dB).

This durable compression driver mounts easily to large format horns that terminate in the standard 1 3/8"–18 male coupling thread. Model PD-5VT is equipped with corrosion-resistant, screwtype, wiring terminals which are protected by a transparent impact-resistant plastic cover. The protective cover also provides strain relief for interconnecting cable.

Units are finished in grey, baked epoxy.

40-Watt Power Rating
Environment-Resistant Construction for Indoor/Outdoor Use
Powerful Driver Mounts to Large Format Horns to Deliver Outstanding Sound Reproduction
Dimensions: 6.875”(H) x 6.375”(Dia.)
Freq. Resp: 190-4,200 Hz
Power Taps: 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40W @ 70.7V
Power Rating: 40W
Sensitivity: 111.2 (Avg)

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Atlas PD-5VT Compression Driver w/ Transformer
Atlas PD-5VT Compression Driver w/ Transformer...
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