AX-400DA, Axium 4 zone, 6 sour CUR1034
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CUR1034 - Current Audio® AX-400-DA 4 Zone, 6 Source Multi Room Controller with Amplifier and Axium™ Technology, 50 Watts
Item: CUR1034 | Model: AX-400DA

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Current Audio® AX-400-DA 4 Zone, 6 Source Multi Room Controller with Amplifier and Axium™ Technology, 50 Watts

The AX-400DA has been reengineered from the ground up, boasting 4 powered zones that deliver the same 50 watts per speaker that all Axium™ owners have come to appreciate. And with the added functionality of being able to be stacked with the AX-800DAV expansion, it is now even more flexible. This multi room controller is equipped with adjustable input levels, more presets, wider zone linking, and an amplifier expansion port offering unrivalled connectivity up to 96 zones. With a plethora of features and significant refinement in sound quality, the AX-400-DA is an evolutionary leap forward for multi room controls. Prepare to be spellbound in every room.

Multi-Zone, Multi-Source, Video Switching

The AX-400-DA amplifier has four separate amplifiers providing 4 zones of independent yet integrated control. There are 6 input sources; sources 1 – 3 consist of either Analog Stereo, or Coax Digital Audio (PCM), while sources 4 – 6 are solely Coax Digital Audio (PCM). Each zone has bass, treble, balance, and loudness control as well as maximum volume limiting that is useful for protecting connected speakers.

Amplifier Power, Protection, and Clipping Indicators

The AX-400-DA packs a punch with 50 Watts RMS per channel into 8 ohm loads but is also capable of driving into 4 ohm loads. The amplifiers are protected against output shorts, and have algorithms that prevent hard clipping when the zone amplifiers are overdriven.

Thermal Control

To further protect the amplifier, there are two progressive levels of thermal control that go into effect when the temperature has reached a high that could potentially overheat and/or cause damage to the device. The first measure automatically lowers the volume by 20dB, and the second completely shuts down the device until the temperature is reduced to a safe level.

Ethernet, RS232, USB and IR control

The AX-400-DA amplifier can be controlled and monitored via the rear Panel USB, RS232 serial interface, or Ethernet. A Web application is available where full control can be accessed using a suitable Web browser running on a PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone. In multi-amplifier installations where the amplifiers are interconnected using an expansion bus cable, only one Ethernet or RS232 connection is required to control the stack of amplifiers. The 400DA amplifier receives IR directly from the front panel receiver or via the four ‘Controller’ connections.

Real Time Clock

Just imagine waking up to a symphony of sound each morning! To add to the many features, the AX-400-DA amplifier is equipped with a real time clock which enables the amplifier to be set up to function as an alarm clock. For example, it can be arranged so that at 6:30am in the morning 5 days a week, the master bedroom zone will to turn on, select a tuner, and go to a specific volume. Up to (14) alarms can be programmed. The clock continues to operate for typically 48+ hours without power – more than enough to keep the time current during lengthy power outages.

IR Emitter Ports

The AX-400-DA is equipped with (8) Buffered IR emitter Ports. Ports 1 – 6 have IR routing, and are intended to control specific input source components. The last (2) IR ports labeled “SUM IR1-IR6” encompass all IR sources and control the ‘All’ zone source components.

Zone Linking

Each zone can be programmed to link multiple zones. This zone linking ties the source selection together and can also tie the volume and standby. This is useful for closely coupled audio areas where it is advantageous to have different volume control but the same source, or the same volume with separate standby controls. This zone linking is set up using the AMC program or Web server application.

Up to 96 Zones with Expansion!

Each zone of the AX-400-DA amplifier must be different; however in a multiple amplifier stack same zone amplifiers are possible as they simply mimic every parameter. This means that there are up to 96 zones of possible control! Data, IR, and Amp-On can be interconnected via the expansion bus when one amplifier is connected to another using a standard RJ45 patch cable. Connections are made between amplifiers using either of the (2) RJ45 expansion bus sockets.

Power Failure Restoration

After an AC power outage, the AX-400-DA amplifier restores its settings to the pre-interrupted state. All internal settings are stored in non-volatile memory, except the clock that runs for at least 48 hours on stored power. This makes for a simpler use, with no need to reprogram any settings after an outage.

Setup Lockout

The amplifier can be set to lock access to the System Setup and other menus where critical installation adjustments can be made. You can be assured that there will be no “tinkering” with the settings unless it is authorized.

Firmware Upgradable

When used with an Axium™ AMC program, the AX-400-DA can be operated via an internal webpage packed with unique customization that allowing IR commands to be attached to buttons for source control from within the webpage. Add an AX-400-DA to a legacy 452/4750 Axium™ system and enjoy webpage control of all the zones. Additionally, the AX-400-DA amplifier can be updated with the latest operational firmware, using the Axium™ AMC program. Now you’re equipment will always be up to date!

Current Audio®

Current Audio products are supplied to end-users through a carefully chosen group of custom installers who meet stringent technical, financial, and customer service requirements. In addition, they must be dedicated to providing their customers with the finest products and service obtainable. End-users and installers alike have the utmost confidence in Current Audio’s products because of their high quality sound reproduction, new ideas, new materials, reliability, and superior quality in craftsmanship. Additionally, Current Audio provides an extensive warranty for all products.

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Rated Output Power (FTC) All Channels: 50 Watts / channel, 8Ω loads
Speaker Impedance (Z1 - Z6 L/R): 4Ω - 8Ω
Input Sensitivity and Impedance (S1 - S6 L/R): 0.72 V / 22KΩ (Unbalanced)
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20 KHz / 3dB (8Ω)
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion): 0.1% (40 Watt, 8 load)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB (IHA-A, 1V input / unbalanced)
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion (Unabridged or Bridged): 0.1% THD 20 Hz to 20 kHz
IR Output: Eight 3.5mm Jack: IR1 - IR6 and SUM IR1-IR6: Current limited to 25mA
Expansion Bus: One Dual RJ45 Socket: Axium Bus, Summed IR
Ethernet: One Shielded RJ45 socket - 100Base T
RS232: One Isolated DB9 - 9600 Baud
USB: One USB mini-B 5 pin
  • Four RJ45 socket: PORT1 - PORT4
  • One 4 way terminal plug (0V, IR, 12V & Data)
Amp On & PG Control: One 8 way terminal plug with Amp ON 1 - 4 and Two Page preset contact closure inputs: PG1 & PG2.
Power Consumption: 320 W
Standby Power Consumption: 4W
Dimensions WxHxD (weight): 17 1/8" (435mm) x 4 1/8" (105mm) x 15 3/8" (390mm) (15 lbs.)
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