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Brand: Dynamat
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DMA50400 - Dynamat Xtreme™ 4” x 10” (6.6 sq. ft.) Utility Pak (Qty 24)
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Dynamat Xtreme™ 4” x 10” (6.6 sq. ft.) Utility Pak (Qty 24)
Unwanted noise produced by vibrating sheet metal is a common problem in every modern household. Dishwashers, air conditioners, duct work and piping create irritating noise problems that keep you from enjoying music, movies, and everyday family life. All of these items are made from sheet metal and can be made quiet with an application of Dynamat Xtreme™.

Stop Noise at the Source
Dynamat Xtreme™ is a very thin, light-weight, constrained-layer vibrational damper. It can be used to quiet appliances, ductwork, soil pipes, stainless sinks and even rattling caused by home theater systems! Dynamat Xtreme™ has a self adhesive peel and stick backing with a high level of tack that conforms and fuses easily to sheet metal and any other hard substrate.

Energy Conversion
Sheet metal subjected to impact creates noise. With Dynamat installed, the noise is transformed into silent energy through a process called “Vibro-Acoustic Energy Conversion”. Dynamat converts the vibrational energy into low-grade thermal energy. The result is a more quiet and comfortable living environment.

Easy Installation
Before you start your installation, be sure the surface is totally free from dust, dirt and foreign matter. Dust will greatly affect the adhesion of the Dynamat thus reducing the damping efficiency. Using a razor knife or scissors, cut the Dynamat to the desired shape and size (a cardboard or paper template may be helpful.) Remove the release liner from the back of the Dynamat and apply Dynamat to the prepared surface.

For some applications, you may need to take a roller tool and work the Dynamat into all of the contours of the metal panel and then use a razor knife to poke holes in any air pockets that may have formed between the panel and the Dynamat. Eliminating air pockets will ensure lasting adhesion of the Dynamat to the panel, giving you maximum damping efficiency. (Note: Some panels may require full coverage to gain proper resonance control.)

A Must Stock Item
We know your finished jobs look good, but do they sound good as well? Dynamat Xtreme™ can be used in so many applications that it is a resource any well-equipped installer needs to have on hand at all times. Never be caught in a “humming” or “buzzing” situation without it!

Dynamat™, a Dynamic Control brand, is recognized by consumers around the world as a quality product for solutions to unwanted noise and vibration. The Dynamat® brand maintains the dominant market share in Car Audio and Automotive Restoration acoustic solutions. Dynamic Control also provides a broad range of unique product solutions for home acoustics, computers, appliances, and Original Equipment Manufacturers.


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