HDMI over 1 RG-6 Coax Cable ELE8092
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Brand: Element HZ
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ELE8092 - Element Hz™ Single Coax HDMI Extender Over Single Coax with F-Fitting Connector + IR (up to 100m/328ft)
Item: ELE8092 | Model: ELE8092

Brand: Element HZ    Last Ordered:

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Element Hz™ Single Coax HDMI Extender Over Single Coax with F-Fitting Connector + IR (up to 100m/328ft)

Turn an existing piece of coax into a gateway for entertainment! The ELE8092 allows you to connect a living room cable or Dish box to another room. With a reach of 328 feet you won’t regret taking this step to convert a single coax cable into an HDMI wonder.

I got 99 problems, but a retrofit ain’t one!

One of the most spectacular parts about this Extender is that you don’t have to run a new wire just to install this product. The ELE8092 gives you the ability to simply snag your existing coax cable from your current setup and use it to transmit both your HD & IR signals simultaneously up to 328 feet at full 1080p 60Hz resolution. It’s a simple upgrade that gives everyone what they want.

A Better Connect

Many HDMI over coax extenders use BNC connectors for the coax connection. However, the ELE8092 improves on standard extenders by simplifying the connector and uses a standard F-connector Taking advantage of the more commonly used connector which is also less expensive then BNC’s.

Wall wart be gone!

The ELE8092 comes equipped with 2 wall wart style power packs, but not to fret! Included in this kit is a 12” power cable pig tail that will allow you to plug into tight spaces such as recessed outlets and tight power strips. See, we’ve thought of everything…


No one wants clunky boxes and wires cluttering up their install. The ELE8092 has a compact Transmitter and Receiver that can be easily stored and hidden in behind the television. Less wires, less bulk, less hassle!

HDMI Extender on Steroids

If you’ve used HDMI extenders over unshielded twisted pair before, you probably already know that they’re more susceptible to interference from microwaves, fans, and certain types of lights. These devises all emit RF noise and unfortunately standard category cable just can’t protect you from it. But you know what can? Coax! That’s right; standard coaxial cable is fully shielded with a metal braid and foil, so it’s extremely resistant to EMI, RFI, & ESD. (Electromagnetic Interference, Radio Frequency Interference & Electrostatic Discharge) Best of all, coax cable is low priced, transmits rock solid signals at great distances, and is so common in homes that you’re very likely to find pre-existing runs to almost every room. So keep in mind that Coax is your new solution for extending HDMI signals!

What’s in the Box

The ELE8092 is complete with (1) transmitter, (1) receiver, (2) 5VDC power adapters, (1) Manual, (1) 12" Power Cable, (1) IR Blaster, (1) IR Receiver, (1) user manual.

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Equalizes and recovers incoming TDMS data before re-transmitting it in high quality Regardless of the incoming signal quality.
Compliance HDMI1.3 & HDCP 1.1 Standards
Supports Digital format in Deep Color Mode at up to 36 bits (12bits/color) and 48KHz LPCM Digital audio.
Weight 0.33lbs
Dimensions 3.15in x 1.61in x 0.98in
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