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Brand: Skyline
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SKL1604W - Skyline™ 16 AWG 4-Conductor CL3-Rated Speaker Cable, 500ft Rhino Wrap™ REELEX® II Box (White)
Item: SKL1604W | Model: SKL1604W

Brand: Skyline    Last Ordered:

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Skyline™ 16 AWG 4-Conductor CL3-Rated Speaker Cable, 500ft Rhino Wrap™ REELEX® II Box (White)

Our Skyline™ speaker cables provide both versatility and the best quality. This speaker cable gives you durability and cost-efficiency with the widest range of sound frequencies, which is great for your installs and your budget. 500ft of this professional grade cable is included in a long-lasting and dependable Rhino Wrap™ box equipped with a water repellent coating. In fact, we've heard rumors that it's strong enough to hold grown men without bursting (but we wouldn't recommend throwing out your footstool)! Additionally, each reel-in box features REELEX® II feed technology to make for a tangle-free pull. What’s more, they’re UL listed, RoHS compliant, FT4- and CL3-rated!

Unrivaled Clarity & Effortless Install

This speaker cable has 99.9997% oxygen free copper conductors that ensure signal integrity. Guaranteed to last a lifetime, expect nothing but unrivaled audio clarity. What’s more, our Skyline™ cable has easily-strippable jackets and sequential distance markings to make your install effortless.

Built Tough

There's nothing more frustrating than using a mashed, broken box that doesn't allow the wire to dispense properly. No need to worry – we don't call ‘em Rhino Wrap™ boxes for nothin’! This box is as tough as they come; able to tumble down steps, fall off trucks, and most importantly, withstand the wrath of freight delivery drivers with impunity! You'll also enjoy the double reinforced handles that won't break out during those single arm carries.

Water Repellent

Above and beyond the overall rigid construction, this box has an exterior coating that repels water. This means that the water will bead rather than absorb into the cardboard. No more soggy boxes for you!

REELEX® II Big-Mouth Dispenser

Sometimes known as a "pull box" package, REELEX® is a patented method of winding cable that dispenses without twists or tangles. This new reel-in box is equipped with second generation REELEX® II technology featuring big-mouth payout for an easy, tangle-free pull!

What's the Catch?

There’s no catch, well, except for one. This box offers a convenient wire catch that will ensure extra wire doesn't dispense while not in use. Obviously we're a little proud of the new wire and the box it comes in... But hey, we worked hard on it, so back off! Just kidding, we hope you enjoy this newest cable innovation from Skyline™!

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Rated Voltage: 300V
Rated Temperature:  75°C
Product Standard Certification: UL CL3 c(UL) CM
Flame Test: FT4
Application: Telephone and other communication circuits such as voice, data, and audio for on-premise customer systems
Reference Standard: UL 444 & UL 13
RoHS Compliant: Yes


Electrical Characteristics: (20°C) 
Voltage:  300 Volts RMS
Spark Test: 2500V DC
Temperature: -20°C to 75°C
Insulation Resistance (Ω/KM):

≥ 200M Ω/KM

Dielectric Strength:

1500V AC for 2s

Mechanical Characteristics:

• Test Object: Jacket

• Test Material: PVC

• Jacket Tensile Strength: ≥13.8MPa


Conductor: Stranded Bare Copper 
Component - 4C:

• AWG: 16

• Strand Count: 26

Insulation - PVC:

• Nom. Thickness (mm): 0.35

• Insulation Dia.(±0.2mm): 2.1


150D Nylon Thread

Jacket - PVC:

• Nom. Thickness (± 0.15mm): 0.45

Outer Dia. (±0.3mm):


Insulation/Conductor Colors - Component:

• Red

• Black

• White

• Green

Jacket Color:



500 ft.

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