Skywalker Piggyback Antenna Mount SKY6004


SKY6004 - Skywalker Piggyback Antenna Mount


Piggyback Antenna Mount attaches antenna to DBS dish
Use this mount to add an off-air antenna to the satellite dish in a snap! It works great on either pitched or flat roofs, or on the side of the building. Fits most satellite dish mounts. Clamp bracket fits inside clamp bracket of satellite dish mount.
  • Designed for flat and pitched roofs
  • Base die cast aluminum
  • Dimensions: 1.66in OD, wall thickness .060in, pipe height 34in
  • Maximum boom length: 40in
  • Not designed for applications on a vertical service, such as walls, poles, etc.

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Skywalker Piggyback Antenna Mount
Skywalker Piggyback Antenna Mount...
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