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TLV1005 - Televes Corporation® 560483 Mast Amplifier with BOSS and “F” Power Supply Kit
Item: TLV1005 | Model: 560483

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Televes Corporation® 560483 Mast Amplifier with BOSS and “F” Power Supply Kit

The ultimate signal! The Mast Amplifier and Power Supply Kit filters and amplifies television signals coming from up to (2) antennas. It optimizes LTE band rejection up to 36 channels (repack ready), is equipped with (2) inputs for amplification on Low VHF, High VHF, and UHF bands, all powered though the output coaxial cable.


This kit is complemented with a domestic 12 V-power supply unit (220mA) included in the installation. The PSU powers equipment through the input coaxial cable while allowing the transmission of the TV signal, in addition to being UL certified (US plug). Best of all, it allows the installer to adapt the output level to the necessary characteristics of the distribution network.

Televes Corporation®

Televes is a company belonging to Televes Corporation. Televes Corporation groups more than 20 companies which all work to achieve the common objective of design and produce the best equipment used to equip homes, buildings and cities with optimum telecommunication infrastructures.

Inputs/Bands: 2 x (Low VHF / High VHF/UHF)
Frequency Margin: 54-88MHz / 174-216MHz / 470-608MHz
Gain: 18 dB Low to Mid Range / 27 dB High Range
Automatic Gain Adjustment Range: 0-15dB
Input level Regulation Margin: 0-20 Manual dB 
Output Margin: DIN45004B: 43dBmV  Low to Mid range / 47dBmV High Range, EN 60728-3 (IMD3 2CH-35dB: 51dBmV Low to Mid Range / 55dBmV High Range
Power Supply: 12Vdc / 50mA
Max Current Through Inputs: Off: 0 mA, On: 70 mA
Operating Temperature: +23-113°F
Protection Index: 23IP
Frequency Margin:  5-862Mhz
Through Loss (typ.): 1 Out: Main-1.5 dB / Aux-0dB, 2 Out: Main-4dB / Aux-4 dB
Output Interstage Equalizer: 12±1.5V
Max Output Current: 220V
Min Output Current: 30mA
Powering: 108-32V~ / 50-60Hz
Max. Consumption: 65mA~ / 3.6W
Protection Index: 20IP
Operating Temperature: 14-113°F+
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