Meet The New Skyline Cable
Equipped with a patented REELEX® system that allows for a smooth kink-proof pull, this cable comes in multiple grades and colors. Plus, it’s designed with a big mouth payout and a cable catch for fast and easy usage. It is also reinforced with a sturdy handle and a water repellent coating.
Think Inside The Box
There's nothing more frustrating than using a mashed, broken box that doesn't allow the wire to dispense properly. This box is as tough as they come; able to tumble down steps, fall off trucks, and most importantly, withstand the wrath of day-to-day use and freight delivery drivers with impunity!
What’s In The Box
Our new category cable has a 99.9997% oxygen free copper conductor that ensures signal integrity. Guaranteed to last a lifetime, expect nothing but unrivaled audio and video clarity. What’s more, this cable has easily-strippable jackets along with ascending and descending distance foot markers.
Contractor vs Pro
Our Contractor Grade cable is ideal for contractors, of course. It is suitable for use in a variety of applications surrounding basic home networking. Our Professional Grade cable is ideal for professionals. Equipped with strong features, it’s a cut above the rest with a thicker gauge and stronger packaging.
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