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Brand: Televes
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TLV1002 - Televes Corporation® 148981 Ellipse UHF Antenna
Item: TLV1002 | Model: 148981

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Televes Corporation® 148981 Ellipse UHF Antenna

An intelligent antenna! The Televes Corporation® Ellipse Antenna automatically adapts to the received signal in real-time. It’s designed to offer a stable, quality reception of OTA (UHF) signals, optimizing the rejection of LTE band (up to channel 51) thanks to a SAW filter which offers great selectivity.


This new concept of DTT antenna, eliminates interference even at the limits of the TV band. It’s break-through design is built with a 100% stainless-steel frame and a new generation of Tforce electronics, featuring a revolutionary SAW filter. Best of all, the PSU is included to allow intelligence to activate when the antenna is powered.

Televes Corporation®

Televes is a company belonging to Televes Corporation. Televes Corporation groups more than 20 companies which all work to achieve the common objective of design and produce the best equipment used to equip homes, buildings and cities with optimum telecommunication infrastructures.

Bands: UHF
Frequency Range: 470-698 MHz
Channels: 14-51
BOSS Mode: On
Gain: 40dBi
Output Level: Auto
Signal of Use: <0.075
Powering: 12-24
Max Current: 40mA
Beamwidth: 30°
F/B Ratio: >20dB
Wind Load (@130Km/h): 96N
Wind Load (@150Km/h): 132N



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